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Hot Pot restaurant original renamed “Dolar Shop” restaurant shanghai which has entered in Indonesian culinary market , a bit different with the traditional hot pot , the Dolar Shop serves hot pot restaurant individually with different flavors that would have a benefit  for health and more hygienic . The fresh raw materials and with the various items hot pot can be special one of the attractive in  Dolar Shop Restaurant. Hearing the name of Dolar Shop resto people will immediately think of the title restaurants hot pot that is currently popular in mainland China country. This restaurant is a favorite restaurant franchise based in shanghai and  has 45 branches spread in  some  of major cities.

The Dolar Shop original come from “MACAU”  is a term derived from the name of the town which  located in the coastal areas of China and is very rich in religious sparks result, local people fill the pot with a variety of seafood to get the best taste, and in period of  time had  formed a tradition to enjoy hot pot with a unique present, and the word “LAU” in the name of “DOULAO” (DOLAR) means fishing has meaning and can be profitable and abundant wealth. Since 15 April 2015 and Dolar Shop  has been officially opened in the Indonesian region of West Jakarta which was the first one has a branch outside  Shanghai – China, where dolar shop resto has a good atmosphere in the restaurant interior design and furnishings which have been giving the impression of a modern and elegant design interiors using natural shades combined with a classic that can create a cozy atmosphere to enjoy a lunch and dinner for customers dollar shop. The Representative dollar shop shanghai hot pot, Mr. frank explains that the businessmen start to  come often  to the Dolar Shop Restaurant which always take advantage of their  lunch time,  as the businessmen usually come to share each other  while enjoying a unique culinary soup hot pot not just only delicious but warm also privileged to satisfy the tastes  which  is especially warranted “HALAL.

Serving soup concept  of Dolar Shop

one pot for one person with one kind of taste in each pot is a major characteristic restaurant Dolar shop resto , allowing the visitors to choose for themselves what they will eat according to their individual tastes. The dolar shop resto provide 8 (eight) menu includes  herbal soup taste, thailand curry soup, spicy soup and others. A whole range of flavors the soup base, also has been through research and development as well as the traditional way of cooking modern  dolar shop resto that combines the method and for the manufacture of broth soup by using the material of choice that is the Head of Fish, chicken, beef and mutton quality and get a delicious broth and delicious. It also uses all the options soup spices are diverse and are still imported from china to issue a refreshing aroma and when we draw on the  soup it’s  waken the appetite to immediately finished the whole broth in a pot.

Dolar Shop Resto Concept  (Mini Hot Pot)

After the basic soup has been simmering in the pot can  be immediately immerse range meatball choice. Start the featured material such as seafood, fish, squid and cuttlefish. The special meat slices of thick Australian or thin plus high nutritious vegetables and mushrooms, then wait a moment about 1 minute and then lift the meat or meatballs to sauce seared soy sauce and enjoy direct, guaranteed to experience new culinary taste ala dolar shop, then meatballs are a favorite menu of our restaurant where meatballs made exclusively using fresh ingredients without preservatives which had  shaped and smoothed with a hit-Tap sector in containers up to get a smooth texture before boiling and after had completed we can feel rubbery  which fit the taste    and seemed to melt in the mouth. Eating hot pot is certainly not complete if it does not cook seafood, dolar shop offers a variety of seafood menu that can be eaten in different ways either cooked in pots or eaten as sashimi. Where ingredients like vegetables and seafood we are fresh and quality guaranteed freshness and hygienist.

The choices seasoning of  Dolar Shop Resto

The Dolar Shop also has a place for seasoning mix with more than 18 types by using spices options so that customers are free to choose the type of seasoning with favors each dolar besides the typical sauce shop will also enhance the dining experience at this restaurant. Taste and eating utensils are three things that come to our attention so as to provide an enjoyable dining experience for visitors Dolar Shop Resto. The system can be assisted by the waitress with the seasoning mix  or they can mix their own food at the counter of our sauce.

Facilities Dolar Shop Resto :

For the visitors we also provide room option for guests that reserve for the purposes of birthdays, meetings, gatherings and private meetings, then we design carefully and appropriate for the sake of necessity and convenience of the customer, while the room that we provide are:

  1. VIP room capacity up to 9 people (there are 3 VIP Room)

  2. VVIP room Maximal room capacity 15 people

  3. Sofa capacity of 54 people

  4. Dining area capacity of 60 people

  5. Bar area capacity of 20 people

  6. Smoking area

Dolar Shop concept is bistro restaurant where customers come in addition to lunch and dinner in our restaurant, the Dolar Shop also features a bar area complete with the types of beverages starting from beer, wine and spirits and a very relaxed atmosphere and classic to be your favorite place saint. every customer Dolar Shop enjoy drinking wine shop with a cocktail and mocktail at the restaurant Dolar Shop

Dollar shop opening hours resto:

From Monday to Thursday 11:00 am to 04:00 am

From Friday through Sunday at 11.00 until 04.00 am